Electrical works

REZONANS sp. z oo.o. is a Polish company that carries out electrical works in wide range, from power engineering to industrial automation and robotics.

The headquarters is located in Zielona Gora, Poland (60 km from the German – Polish border).

REZONANS was founded in 1994 and currently hires about 50 well-trained electricians. It operates both in the Polish and the European market. Rezonans performes work for investor from various trades and posses testimonials of good quality.

The main customers are:

  • ENEA, Tauron – energy suppliers
  • Gedia, Novita, KGHM, Stilon – industrial companies

REZONANS is a subcontractor of European companies in the field of electrical engineering. The construction projects carried out so far:

  • Power substation in Bassum, Gräfendorf and Engstlatt
  • Power plant in Berlin
  • Electrical installations in new building: EcoMaT Bremen
  • Prototype production line Novita

REZONAS specializes in the following areas:

  • Construction of power station
  • Cable and overhead lines up to 30 kV
  • Lighting systems for industry, office buildings and outdoor lighting
  • Antenna systems
  • Video and intercom systems
  • Telecommunications and data technology
  • Telephone and alarm systems
  • Control and regulation systems
  • Industrial automation and robotics