Installation of medium voltage switchgears and transformers.

The work was carried out in a technical fiber factory.

The project included the installation of:

  • MV switchgear,
  • 2000kVA transformer,
  • 1600kVA transformer,
  • capacitor bank,
  • busbars between transformers and LV switchgear,
  • cables between the MV switchboard and transformers.

installation of cable routes on hEights.

Installation of cable routes on heights. Main switchboard. Power supply.

The project was implemented at the plant producing wood-like materials.


Relocation of machines from germany to poland.

Transfer of the complete production line from Munich (Germany) to Poland.

The project lasted 7 weeks (June-August 2019). It was implemented in three stages. The works were carried out in parallel at the place of disassembly and assembly of the machines (two separate teams).

Comprehensive implementation including:

  • disassembly of machines on site,
  • transport (12 lorries),
  • insurance,
  • equipment (forklifts, mobile platforms) at the place of disassembly and assembly,
  • assembly of machines on site including tests,
  • coordination of the entire project in English and German.

modernization in automotive industry.

Supply of switchgears in the Siemens Sivacon S8 system.

In one of the local companies from the automotive industry, we have completed quick weekend assembly and commissioning of Siemens switchboards.