Roboty i szafy elektryczne, przenoszenie fabryk, robotyka i automatyka REZONANS Zielona Góra
Doświadczenie firmy REZONANS Zielona Góra

The company Rezonans is since the Year 1994 on the market

Dbamy o relacje REZONANS Zielona Góra

We gain experience in projects around Europe, in Countries like Germany, Danemark, Sweden, England

Realizacje REZONANS Zielona Góra

We accomplished many projects for investors in almost every branch

O firmie REZONANS Zielona Góra

REZONANS – Electrical works, switchboards, machine relocaion, robotics

REZONANS has been on the electrical market since 1994. Since then, we have done a lot of work for investors from almost every industry branch, while collecting references. REZONANS performs electrical installations in a very wide range, ranging from low voltage cabling to medium voltage.

According to the investor's needs. The company has a highly qualified workforce, experience and equipment necessary to perform the contracted work. The company has been operating on the European market since 2016. We have experience in working in countries such as Germany, Denmark, Sweden and England.

At the moment, Rezonans has 30 electricians working on the European market.

Roboty elektryczne REZONANS Zielona Góra
REZONANS sp. z oo.o. is a Polish company that carries out electrical works in wide range, from power engineering to industrial automation and robotics.
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Szafy elektryczne REZONANS Zielona Góra
We offer services in the field of prefabrication of electrical switchgears and control cabinets, based on a project created by us or provided by the customer.
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Robotyka i automatyka REZONANS Zielona Góra
Responding to rapid changes in industry, the company Rezonans from 2019 is certified integrator of Universal Robots. We provide comprehensive services in the design and implementation of cooperative robots slots.
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Przenoszenie fabryk REZONANS Zielona Góra
We understand how important it is for your company that relocated machines are ready to work as soon as possible. We know that relocation and transfer of machines require an experienced approach and equipment. This is where Rezonans comes in.
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